Vybrané publikácie


  • Mossbauer Study of Magnetic Texture of Finemet-Type Ribbons
    Brzozka K., Sovak P., Gorka B., Szumiata T., Gawronski M.
  • Persistent oscillations of x-ray speckles: Pt (001) step flow
    M.S. Pierce, D.C. Hennessy, K.C. Chang, V. Komanicky, J. Strzalka, A. Sandy, A. Barbour, and H. You
  • Preparation, Crystal Structure and Magnetic Properties of Ni2(dpa)2(pyz)(H2O)4
    Ch. Liu, E. Čižmár, J.-H. Park, K.A. Abboud, M.W. Meisel, D.R. Talham
  • Study of domain structure and magnetization reversal after thermal treatments in Fe40Co38Mo4B18 microwires
    P. Klein, R. Varga, G.A. Badini-Confalonieri, M. Vazquez
  • The influence of the magnetic subsystem on the heat transport in CsMnCl3 · 2H2O
    V. Tkáč, K. Tibenská, A. Orendáčová, M. Orendáč, J. Šebek, V. Sechovský, A. G. Anders, V. Pavlík, A. Feher
  • The Nd–Mn exchange interaction, low temperature specific heat and magnetism of Nd2/3Ca1/3MnO3
    A. Beznosov, E. Fertman, V. Desnenko, M. Kajňaková, A. Feher
  • Thermal expansion of a La-based bulk metallic glass: insight from in situ high-energy x-ray diffraction
    J. Bednarcik, S. Michalik, M. Sikorski, C. Curfs, X.D. Wang, J.Z. Jiang and H. Franz


  • AC Magnetic Properties of Fe-Based Composite Materials
    Kollar P., Fuzer J., Bures R., Faberova M.
  • Anisotropy of Magnetic Interactions in the Spin-Ladder Compound (C5H12N)2CuBr4
    E. Čižmár, M. Ozerov, J. Wosnitza, B. Thielemann, K. W. Krämer, Ch. Ruegg, O. Piovesana, M. Klanjšek, M. Horvatić, C. Berthier, and S. A. Zvyagin
  • Domain wall dynamics during the devitrification of Fe73.5CuNb3Si11.5B11 magnetic microwires
    Olivera J., Varga, R., Prida, V. M., Sanchez M. L., Hernando B., Zhukov A.
  • Insight into surface heterogenity of SBA-15 silica: Oxygen related defects and magnetic properties
    Zelenak V., Zelenakova A., Kovac J.
  • Magnetic properties of an S = ½ quasi-two-dimensional Heisenberg magnet [Cu(pyz)2(HF2)]PF6
    Čižmár E., Zvyagin S.A., Beyer R., Uhlarz M., Ozerov M., Skourski Y., Manson J.L., Schlueter J.A., Wosnitza J.
  • Magnetic properties of Fe2O3 nanoparticles embedded in hollows of periodic nanoporous silica
    Zelenakova A., Kovac J., Zelenak V.
  • Neutron diffraction study on the two-dimensional Ising system KEr(MoO4)(2)
    Mat'aš S., Dudzik E., Feyerherm R., Gerischer S., Klemke S, Prokes K., Orendacova A.
  • Spin Dynamics of a S=1/2 Chain with Next-Nearest-Neighbor Exhange Interactions
    Ozerov M., Čižmár E., Wosnitza J., Zvyagin S.A., Zvyagin A.A., Feyerherm R., Turnbull M.M., Landee C.P.