Research teams of our department participate in research activities in following topics:

  • preparation and study of magnetic properties of fereomagnetic materials in the form of thin ribbons, thin layers, and compacted powders,
  • study of domain structure and magnetic properties of soft ferromagnetic materials,
  • magnetic nanoparticles for medicinal applications,
  • low-dimensional magnetic systems and molecular magnets,
  • magnetic systems for magnetocaloric applications,
  • geometrically frustrated magnetic systems,
  • organic magnets and low-dimensional conductors,
  • nanotechnologies for energy harvesting and hydrogen fuel cells,
  • magnetism in systems with strongly correlated electrons - layered transition-metal hydroxides, multiferroics.

Equipment in our laboratories

We publish our research results in renowned journals. Selection of recent publications follows by year in sectin Research/Publications.

Co-operation of our reserach activities in Slovakia and worldwide