EPR spectrometer Bruker ELEXSYS E500

EPR spectrometer Bruker ELEXSYS E500 is used for the study of magnetic materials (e.g. molecular magnets, magnetic ipmurities and defects in different types of materials) using electron-paramagnetic resonance in magnetic fields up to 1 T in X-band frequency range (9.4 GHz). The spectrometer is equipped with the flow-type helium cryostat allowing to obtain temperatures in the range from 300 to 2 K, programmable goniometer for the sample rotation, with the reference marker for the qualitative analysis and g-factor calibration. It is possible to perform rapid scan of the magnetic field and transient transitions detection with 8 ns resolution. The high-Q cavity allows sample irradiation by an appropriate light-source through the built-in optical window.