Laboratory of SQUID magnetometry

Laboratory is equipped with SQUID magnetometer MPMS3 made by Quantum Design for study of magnetic properties of condensed matter in the temperature range 1.8 K – 400 K and in magnetic fields up to 7 T.
Possible techniques:
  • dc and ac magnetometry
  • two measurement techniques using SQUID detection: vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM) and DC scan
  • shielding of exterrnal magnetic field at sample position – ultra-low field option
Selected enhanced specifications in comparison with older model MPMS-XL:
  • Rapid cooling rate up to 30 K/min
  • Rapid field change up to 700 Oe/sec
  • QuickSwitch magnet – very quick change between driven and persistent mode
  • Sensitivity <1x10-8 emu at H<2500 Oe