Joint laboratory of transmission electron microscopy

New 200kV fully analytic transmission electron microscope is installed in the laboratory. A JEOL JEM-2100F is field emission gun ultrahigh resolution transmission electron microscope designed for structural observations of condensed matter. With electrons accelerated by 80-200kV voltage is able to operate in classic (TEM) and scanning (STEM) mode. Main specifications are 0,14nm resolution and maximal magnification 1,5Mx at TEM mode and 0,16nm resolution with 150Mx magnification at STEM mode. Beside dark field detector the bright field detector for STEM mode is included. In diffraction imaging there is nanodiffraction and convergent beam diffraction mode. Microscope is also equipped with an Oxford INCA EDS system with 80mm2 large area crystal as well as GATAN digital camera Orius SC 1000.